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JFPR X Black History Month

As we close out Black History Month, I'm excited to share with you the launch of our special interview series that spotlights the incredible Black women who have left their mark in the healthcare industry. This project was born out of a chance encounter an event celebrating leadership and diversity within fellow black-owned businesses at AllBright.

Inspired by the 2016 film "Hidden Figures," which tells the story of a team of female African-American mathematicians who played a pivotal role at NASA, our "Hidden Figures in Healthcare" series pays tribute to the hidden heroes of healthcare, whose remarkable contributions have often gone unrecognised.

In this series, my colleague Liz had the privilege of interviewing some extraordinary women who have broken barriers and achieved greatness in their respective fields. We sat down with them to learn more about their journeys, achievements, and the wisdom they have to share.

🌟 Dame Neslyn Watson-Druée 🌟

As Chairman of NHS Kingston, Dame Neslyn executed an incredible feat by transforming a £21.5 million deficit into an impressive £5 million surplus in just two years. Beyond healthcare, Dame Neslyn is a renowned international speaker and author in personal development, sharing her wisdom with audiences worldwide.

🌟 Orthopaedic Surgeon Samantha Tross 🌟

Dr. Samantha Tross made history as the first Black female orthopaedic surgeon in Britain. Her groundbreaking work has consistently earned her a place on the annual Powerlist of Britain's most influential Black Britons.

🌟 Professor Laura Serrant OBE 🌟

Professor Laura Serrant is a multi-award-winning speaker on global diversity and inclusion. In 2018, she was honoured with an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours list for her services to Nursing and Health Policy. Her dedication to inspiring change has led her to be recognised in various national awards, including Inspirational Women in Healthcare, BME Pioneers, and Clinical Leaders.

🌟 Professor Cynthia Pine CBE 🌟

Professor Cynthia Pine, a distinguished dentistry educator at the London School of Dentistry, made history in 2003 when she became the first woman appointed to head a dentistry school in the UK.

I hope you are as inspired by these conversations as I am,

Juliet Francis

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